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Fundraising Consultant

Company: Garth Homer Foundation
Date Posted: August 1, 2017

We’re looking for an enthusiastic, talented fundraising professional to help us achieve our mission of providing services and opportunities that enable people with disabilities to make a life, a home, and a place in the world.

The Fundraising Consultant will support the The Garth Homer Foundation by leading our fundraising campaigns and attracting new donors whose funds will help provide day services and programming within Greater Victoria for adults with developmental disabilities.
The Fundraising Consultant reports administratively to the Board of Directors and functionally to the Chair of the Board of the Foundation or to a Foundation Director designated by the Chair.


  1. Co-ordinate, carry out and track annual donor solicitations and annual donor stewardship reports, including any newsletters.
  2. Research major donor prospects and write targeted major gift proposals and         provide guidance and support to the Board in the cultivation, solicitation and    stewardship of major donors.
  3. Recruit and nurture volunteer relationship circles, and provide informational support for their activities and any fundraising events.
  4. Uphold and promote the ethics of the Foundation.



  1. Develop standardised fundraising and publicity materials for awareness and fundraising.
  2. Lead communication with key donors and funders with the aim of cultivating, growing and sustaining long-term funding and collaboration.
  3. Take overall responsibility for the website and related social media.
  4. Develop media contacts and publicise the work of the Foundation in its support of the Society initiatives.
  5. Organize events and activities – particularly for the purposes of cultivation and stewardship of major gifts and planned gifts.
  6. Cultivate and steward donors with thank you phone calls, handwritten notes and other communication.


  1. Develop and deliver a fully costed strategic fundraising plan.
  2. Ensure financial sustainability through careful budgeting, realistic fundraising targets and adherence to the fundraising financial plan.
  3. Set realistic time-limited fundraising targets with progress reports at Board meetings.


  1. Ensure all online and offline donation, gift acknowledgement and thank you messages are relevant and updated frequently.
  2. Manage the donor database.
  3. Co-ordinate, and where necessary personally action, data entry and gift processing.



  1. Develop an understanding of the programs offered, and services provided, by the Garth Homer Society and the issues facing those with Developmental Disabilities.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to communicate these issues effectively.


It is desirable that candidates for this role possess the following experience and qualifications:

  1. A strong track record of securing funding for charitable or NFP organisations,
  2. A strong portfolio of communication and awareness-raising materials.
  3. Personal contacts and connections with potential major donors and supporters.
  4. Relevant fundraising experience and knowledge of fundraising databases
  5. AFP and/or CAGP membership an asset


In all aspects of this role the following personal qualities are essential: Tact, discretion, compassion

  1. Good listener
  2. Positive attitude
  3. Ability to take the lead and work alone
  4. Ability to plan and manage detail
  5. Empathetic
  6. Excellent communication and organizational skills
  7. Good presentation skills and comfortable with public speaking
  8. Comfortable engaging one-on-one with individuals and soliciting gifts
  9. Familiarity with seniors and knowledge of planned giving

10.  Passion for the cause


  1. Review DonorFocus 360 Recommendations including ease of giving, database management, gift processing, gift acknowledgement, and thank you processes and action as recommended.
  2. Provide input regarding the choice of new donor database software and lead the consolidation and migration of data.
  3. Initiate an annual giving initiative using the existing database and at least double the mailing size by adding new names from a wider demographic.
  4. Research, cultivate and solicit/co-ordinate the solicitation of major donor prospects.